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Damon Edwards, Alex Honor, and Greg Schueler.

What is Rundeck

Rundeck is automated runbooks that work the way you want to work. Built for both modern distributed ways of working and centralized legacy environments, you'll resolve incidents quicker and improve the productivity of your teams.

Rundeck Integration with Opsera

The Problem: Incidents are costly and disruptive

  • Incident costs go beyond the direct cost of the outage
  • Responders to the incident have to drop what they were doing — causing a loss in productivity and ripple effects that delay important project work.
  • Any delay in resolution adds to the incident cost. Each person involved in the response (including escalations) adds to the incident cost.

The Solution: Automate your runbooks with Rundeck

  • Use Rundeck to create automated runbooks. Then give the right people in your organization self-service access to the operations procedures they need to get their job done.
  • Create standard operating procedures that enable faster resolution of incidents.
  • Expand the number of people who can safely respond to incidents.
  • Cut down on the number of escalations and interruptions.
  • Create self-service that eliminates the need to fill out tickets and wait.


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