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Octopus Deploy
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What is Octopus Deploy?

Octopus Deploy is an automated deployment and release management tool. Providing one tool to automate and accelerate deployment, adding an orchestration layer to deployment process ensures that continuous deployment is achieved.

Octopus Deploy Integration with Opsera

  • A no-code solution for increased velocity and continuous deployment. Instead of having to train users in complex config-as-code utilized by other pipeline solutions, Opsera allows you to manage Octopus deployments to all environments in parallel- all in a no code UI. 
  • Manage secrets via vault integrations and deploy securely. Opsera extends this feature by integrating with third-party secrets management solutions such as HashiCorp Vault. This feature supports any deployment type within a few clicks.
  • No-code scripting to insert those manual steps into your pipeline process. Opsera's no code pipeline allows you to automate your manual scripts through our tool registry for frequently executed scripts and restrict it with RBAC to avoid changes and safe deployments on the validated custom scripts. 
  • Dashboards to show what version of your application is deployed to what environment. Users can see who deployed which release to what environment, the release time and date, as well as deploy status (success or failure). Opsera complements this functionality and offers tools for building custom dashboards that fit all your personas and requirements.


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