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Sauce Labs
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Sauce Labs
Sauce Labs
Jason Huggins, Steven Hazel, John Dunham, and Al Sargent

Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs is the cloud-based testing platform to offer the most up-to-date browser/OS combinations, mobile emulators & simulators. It provides the visibility, analytics, and expertise needed to deliver flawless digital experiences and better, faster products to market.

CONTINUOUS TESTING - Automate testing at every stage of development to innovate quickly without compromising quality

Test at every stage: Run pull request tests, integration tests, and automated end-to-end tests on the Sauce Continuous Testing Cloud.

Develop apps faster: Implement continuous testing to increase release velocity & ship new features at the pace your users demand.

Delight your users: Release updates with confidence and ensure your customers enjoy software free from defects.

Increase productivity: Continuous testing gives teams fast feedback throughout the development cycle, making debugging fast & easy.