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CI/CD Best Practices for Stress Free Software Development

Automation is the Secret Sauce in CI/CD Pipelines

Modern development cycles bear little resemblance to their predecessors in today’s fast-paced release-or-fail environment. Old models included design, develop, and test phases and tended to be major revisions with extended development cycles between releases. Each release could include many bug fixes, major UI changes, and/or new or improved features. As a result, customers would have to wait a long time before receiving an update with a much desired feature or change. Fast forward to today’s app- and cloud-centric environments where continuous improvements and short release cycles are the norm. This has dramatically reshaped the software development paradigm. Through this we have seen the rise of DevOps, and most recently DevSecOps, to help enable these rapid deployment cycles. Learn how the shift has moved us from a linear cycle to the continuous loop model of modern DevOps in this ebook

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