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Circle CI
CI/CD Stage
Product Type
Continuous Integration
Circle CI
Paul Biggar and Allen Rohner

Faster performance: Get the speed and reliability you need when building, testing, and deploying code. Choose the resources you need for optimal performance.

Complete control: Build software your way using custom job orchestration with Workflows. Use Workspaces to persist data from a job and increase speed.

Unparalleled flexibility: Run jobs on Linux, MacOS, or Windows. Access first-class Docker support means you can configure your environment how you want it.

Workflows for job orchestration: Define and orchestrate how job execution (such as build, test, deploy) is run, giving you complete control over your development process across multiple supported configurations.

First-class Docker support: Run any image from Docker’s public/private registry or other common registries, customizable on a per-job basis. Build Docker images, access Docker layer caching, Compose, and more.

Choose the CPU/RAM you need: Easily configure your resources (compute/memory) to best fit your team’s needs for specific pipelines. Choose resources that give you optimal performance and increase speed.

Language-agnostic support: CircleCI supports any language that builds on Linux, Windows, or macOS, including C++, Javascript, .NET, PHP, Python, and Ruby. You are free to use any toolchain, framework, or version you want.

Powerful caching: Speed up your pipelines with expanded caching options, including images, source code, dependencies, and custom caches. Gain control over cache save and restore points throughout your jobs for optimal performance.

SSH or run local builds for easy debugging: Quickly find and solve problems using SSH access or run jobs in your local environment to ensure faster remediation of issues. Find and solve bugs where they happen for fast recovery.

Unmatched security: The controls you need to be confident your code is protected: LDAP for user management, audit logging, full-level virtual machine isolation, and more.

Insights: Realize the full value of CircleCI with our insights endpoints. Monitor and optimize your CI/CD pipeline with workflow status, duration, and consumption data.

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