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Jet Brains

What is TeamCity

Teamcity is a build management and continuous integration server from JetBrains. It is a general-purpose CI/CD solution that allows the most flexibility for all sorts of workflows and development practices.

TeamCity Integration with Opsera

  • Remote run and pre-tested commit: Build, check and run automated tests on the server even before committing your changes – keeping your code base clean at all times.
  • On-the-fly build progress reporting: Don’t wait for a build to finish to discover that something is wrong.

Smart Configuration:

  • Templates: Create templates with common settings and inherit any number of build configurations from them.
  • Build chains and dependencies: Break down a single build procedure into parts that can be run in sequence or in parallel.

Configuration as code:

  • Set up your CI and CD pipeline in code using configuration scripts based on the TeamCity Kotlin DSL.
  • Easy to pick up - Not sure how to start with the DSL? Use the `View DSL` option in the UI to see how settings are described in the DSL.

Comprehensive VCS integration:

  • Feature Branches - Using feature branches for development? TeamCity will detect and build changes in your branch, as well as merge it to the master.
  • Versioned Settings - Synchronize your project settings with VCS, and never lose track of them again.


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