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Amir Jerbi and Dror Davidoff


Aqua is a full dev-to-prod container security solution on container platforms. It provides full visibility into container activities, allowing the organization to detect/prevent suspicious activities or attacks by providing transparent and automated security.

Full Lifecycle Container Security

Protect container-based cloud native applications from development to production, using the industry’s most advanced container security solution.

Reduce Risk and Prove Compliance of Containerized Applications

Gain constant visibility into vulnerability posture in your pipeline, reducing the attack surface before containers are deployed. The get detailed auditing and forensics data of your container and Kubernetes runtime environment to track violation events and compliance posture.

Mitigate Supply Chain and Zero-Day Attacks

Get granular, automated response based on Indicators of Compromise, drift prevention and behavioral profiling to stop malicious behavior, blocking only activities that violate policy with no impact on legitimate container operation.

Protect Containers Across All Platforms and Formats

Secure Linux and Windows containers, and protect containers running on VM, bare-metal, on Container-as-a-Service offerings such as AWS Fargate and ACI, even on Tanzu Application Service. Aqua has purpose-built runtime instrumentation (the Aqua Enforcer family) for each of these environments.

Aqua scans CI builds and images
Dynamic Container Analysis
Flexible Image Assurance
Risk Explorer
Vulnerability Shield (vShield)
Drift Prevention and Runtime Policies
Workloads Firewall
Secrets Injection
Auditing and Forensics