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Chris Wysopal and Christien Rioux

Reduce Risk From Web Apps

With the ability to test thousands of applications simultaneously, a less than 1 percent false positive rate, and comprehensive remediation guidance, Veracode Dynamic Analysis helps teams rapidly reduce their risk of a breach across their web applications.

Scan In Parallel

Unlike on-premises scanners, our SaaS solution is highly scalable and can handle thousands of applications simultaneously. To ensure organizations are scanning their entire web application inventory, Veracode Dynamic Analysis integrates with Veracode Discovery, which maps an organization’s web attack surface.

Remediate With Actionable Data

Veracode Dynamic Analysis provides context around how an application responded to an attack and how it was exploited. Results are coupled with easy-to-follow remediation advice so developers can rapidly remediate vulnerabilities.

Scan Non-Public Apps

Internal Scan Management is a secure gateway that enables customers to scan applications that aren’t directly reachable from the Internet, such as instances in testing or staging, or internal applications.

Integrate With The Build Process

Veracode Dynamic Analysis can be integrated with build systems, such as Jenkins, or triggered through APIs to automatically scan applications in staging or production.

Easily Scan Behind Login Screens

Veracode Dynamic Analysis eases the process of scanning behind login screens and provides on-demand expertise if needed.

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