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Loris Degioanni

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Confidently run containers and Kubernetes in production

Ship cloud apps faster by embedding security, compliance, and performance into your DevOps workflow

Running containers and Kubernetes in production requires security and visibility that integrate into existing workflows. With Sysdig, you can scan for vulnerabilities and see inside containers to alert on anomalous behavior and application health issues. Resolve issues quickly by analyzing granular data from any perspective based on cloud and Kubernetes metadata. The Sysdig platform is built on open source tools your team wants to use with the scale, performance, and ease of use that enterprises demand.

Embed security and validate compliance with Sysdig Secure

Scan images for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations directly within CI/CD pipelines and registries. Block threats without impacting performance by using Falco, the open-source cloud native runtime security project. Conduct forensics after the container is gone. Continuously validate compliance against PCI, NIST, CIS, and more.

Maximize availability and performance with Sysdig Monitor

Prevent issues by monitoring performance and health with full stack visibility into infrastructure, services, and applications. Scale Prometheus-compatible monitoring across clusters and clouds. Accelerate troubleshooting with a single source of truth based on granular Linux syscall data.

Get results quickly

Get productive in minutes with guided onboarding and automatic integrations into your DevOps tool chain. Easily meet security, availability, and compliance requirements with curated workflows. Leverage a SaaS-first option for efficiency and faster innovation.

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