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Prisma Container Security
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What is Prisma Container Security

Previously known as Twistlock, Prisma Container Security is a Security software used during the Security phase of a CI/CD pipeline. The parent company is Palo Alto Networks. Containerized applications present different security challenges, and also bring new opportunities to add controls and visibility. The build and deployment ecosystem surrounding container applications allows risks to be identified and mitigated throughout the development and production lifecycle.

Prisma Container Security Integration with Opsera

Comprehensive cloud native security

  • Deliver complete visibility, automation, detection and response across any compute, network or cloud service.
  • Enforce hundreds of out-of-the-box governance policies that help ensure compliance and enforce good behavior.

Full lifecycle

  • Eliminate issues early and prevent alert fatigue by seamlessly integrating security early and throughout the application lifecycle, from IDE, SCM, CI/CD and registries to runtime.
  • Leverage continuous vulnerability management and automated risk prioritization across the entire cloud native stack and lifecycle. Easily investigate any incident.

Across any cloud

  • Monitor, secure and maintain compliance on multi- and hybrid-cloud environments with a single integrated platform.
  • Leverage purpose-built solutions for public clouds, such as AWS®, Google Cloud™ and Microsoft Azure®, as well as secure your on-premises investments like OpenShift®.


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